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                                      Tipi Instructions

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                  FUN CAMP CO.


The following step-by-step instructions will help you successfully assemble a Fun Camp Co. Sleeper Tipi. With these instructions you should have three pages of 20 color illustrations and a drawings of a tipi cross section, tipi sign and tipi bed cot.


STEP - 1 Preparing the poles. The poles should be of straight cedar, pine or tamarack. The length is 22'- 6" and the small end should be slightly under 3". If the poles are peeled when fresh cut they will peel clean and with ease. A three inch 1.0. pipe is supplied with the tipi's which is the same size as the pipes in the receiver. Make sure it slides easily over the small end. Sizing of the small end and knot removal can be easily done with an electric plane. It is a good idea to dip the large end in a wood preservative for up to about 8".


STEP - 2 Laying out the circle. Establish a center for the Tipi. If sand or gravel is needed for under the slab, now is the time as it is the last time a truck can back to this location. Set in the center, a strong stake with a nail in the center. layout from this center, a 24' circle, dividing the circumference int016 divisions ( approximately 56 1/2" each ). Mark each intersection with a 12" spike.


STEP - 3 At the half circle intersections ( slightly inside ), drive in substantial stakes. All poles are not straight. Set poles with the curved side out so that the weight will make the poll lay straight. Set the bottoms of two poles up against these stakes and the small ends on a 1"x 6" x 6' supported off the ground with saw horses. Insert the small ends of the poles into the appropriate receiver pipes ( making sure they go all the way in ) and then screw in each a 1/4"x 2" lag screw. Nail ( from under) the 1"x 6" to poles. For safety put small stakes on each side of the large end or tie with a rope, to prevent them from slipping off the large stake. The structure is ready to raise...

This is an excerpt from the detailed instructions that will come with your Tipi.

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