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Company Profile


                                           We're 200 years behind the times

We are an established Canadian company situated just north of Toronto, Ontario. Manufacturing and
supplying products directly to the camping industry without having to go through dealers. Serving camps
in Canada and the United States since 1977. Our product designs are unique and made with quality
materials for long service life resulting in long term financial savings. We believe you will fully appreciate
our products and our friendly service. Our company is based on adding value and changing lives.

"If its fun, the kids will come."

We belong to Christian Camping International and support and adhere to their standards.


bullet"Covered wagons were a real boost to our western program. They enhanced our image and have
proved to be the best dollar value in accommodations" 
                                                                                     Rev. Paul Shank , Maple Creek Christian Ranch
bullet"Authentic covered wagons bring back the excitement of the old west. They are low cost, low maintenance
and a practical accommodation all around. Even the adults want to try them."
                                                                                     Dr. Sam Bau - Seven Springs Youth Ranch
bullet"What better place to sleep and hang out., than in a covered wagon. We'll never give them up, because
 the kids love them"
                                                                                      Lyle Beswitherick - Circle Square Ranch

President and founder is an experienced camp developer and director for 25 years. Developed national theme
camps in Canada and the United States. And he knows if you buy our products and services you will be satisfied
along with all your campers. Hope to hear from you.

For inquires send email to stpierrefab@funcampco.ca or Call 1-888-297-5551
Send e-mail to admin@funcampco.ca with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 12/17/17